Bar Fight showcases chefs’ cocktail skills

Perov’s coconut drink in the second round (Photo by Allan Sloan)

Tacos, pizza and a lot of alcohol was on the menu at Liquid Kitty on Oct. 11. The nightclub, in partnership with Uno Mas, held a cocktail competition between chefs called Bar Fight.

The chefs had three 20-minute rounds to create a cocktail starting with Kraken rum, but each round had a secret ingredient or theme.

MC for the night was Manny Ferreira, owner and chef of James Street’s Mezcal TNT and Uno Mas. Ferreira, creator of the event, said he was excited to host the unique event.

“This is not the norm,” Ferreira explained. “This isn’t just a food competition with chefs, it’s not a competition of bartenders and cocktails, it’s reversed.”

The defending champion going into the night was City Farm Catering chef and owner Scott Bailey. Bailey said he has 15 years of experience in the culinary industry, including working at a Michelin star restaurant. Bailey had a simple strategy going into the night.

“I’m just going to have fun, like the last two that I’ve won,” Bailey said with confidence.

Bailey’s opponent was Chef Dmitry Perov from Brux House. Perov said his approach to the night was to not overthink and to “stick to good solid flavours.”

The first round’s theme was mojitos. The second round was coconuts with the film Cast Away as inspiration. These two rounds were scored by three judges from the local culinary scene.

Ferreira gave each chef a large jackfruit in the final round. They had to make enough drinks for the crowd, who were then asked to vote.

After a display of showmanship using liquid nitrogen, Perov was declared the new Bar Fight champion.

“It feels really good,” an excited Perov said. “There’s no other feeling that you can get from winning.”

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