Black History Month at Mohawk

Mohawk College has been hosting a variety of events for Black History Month. Wednesday (Feb. 7), the school celebrated the month-long event with a DJ Dance Party in the C-Wing.

Throughout the adjacent hallways, music could be heard echoing from the student common area. Alongside a live DJ there were booths raising money, and information stands. This marks just one of many events lined up by Mohawk College’s Social Inc.

“We’re hosting a DJ dance party to get more people involved with Black History Month,” said Jen Armstrong, a representative of Social Inc.  “Later on this month, we’ve some stuff going on for Valentine’s Day. We’ve got a Black drag show, we’re running Black power hour a few times a month to promote music by Black artists, but we have everything on our website.”

One particular informational stand was on loan to Mohawk College from the Ontario Black History Society.

“It sort of depicts the life and times of Black Canadians in the 19th century,” Armstrong said. The display featured four different panels highlighting significant Black Canadians, and the contributions each made to Canadian society.

The college also hosted a “high tea” motivational support hour. Students were welcomed to the Arnie for free refreshments, and a chance to listen to Gary Levy, a motivational speaker. The speech covered a wide variety of topics, but mainly focused on how to achieve goals.

“I mean, it sounds very simple but its true,” Levy said. “The power of setting your intentions, having a vision, manifesting it, believing it, and kind of pretending you have it already. It comes to you.”

Many themed events are happening at Mohawk for Black History Month, ranging from a kissing booth on Valentine’s Day to Hamilton-made documentaries covering the city’s historic ties to racism.

Be sure to check it out. If you want to see the schedule, you can find it online at:

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