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Just another one

by Behdahbun Logan They said she was found in the river, wrapped in a plastic garbage bag. She was only 15, the same age as my cousin. Just a baby, really. Tina Fontaine was sexually assaulted and murdered. If this situation were happening in a non-indigenous community, there would be a ...

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Christmas as an Orthodox Christian

For most people, the Christmas happens in December. As a kid, winter break fitted Christmas perfectly in the middle so many of us could enjoy the gifts we got from our parents… I mean Santa Claus. That is, if you had Christmas in December. I am Serbian Orthodox Christian, which ...

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Is Democracy Dead? Or Just Sick and Tired?

Voter turnout in Canada has historically ranged  from 50-70 per cent, peaking at almost 80 per cent in federal elections in the early 60’s.  But in recent years, participation has fallen into the 40-50 per cent range, with less than half of those eligible to vote actually showing up. Municipal ...

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