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Brantford author releases first novel

After she was praised in the third grade by her teacher for a story she wrote, writing stuck with Molly Stroud-Smith. Stroud-Smith’s first published novel, Dead Babies, was released last year. The novel follows the story of Doreen Rutherford as she struggles with motherhood while dealing with undiagnosed postpartum psychosis. ...

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Doomsday Clock series (so far) review

Not only is Doomsday Clock the sequel to the best-selling graphic novel Watchmen, but it’s also the third chapter in the whole DC Universe Rebirth saga, following the Batman/Flash: The Button storyline. Doomsday Clock Issue 3 released this week so let’s talk about the series so far. Three issues into ...

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Dispatches From the Edge: Book Review

After losing his father and brother tragically and witnessing disasters all around the world, Anderson Cooper writes about his experiences in the emotional book Dispatches from the Edge. Cooper’s memoir is a powerful summary of his young life and rise to stardom. Cooper is now a reporter and host for CNN and has ...

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