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The Hamilton Philharmonic Orchestra wraps up its Haydn celebration on a high note

Saturday, Feb. 18 was the final performance of the Hamilton Philharmonic Orchestra’s (HPO) celebration of Franz Joseph Haydn. Often known as the Father of the Symphony, Haydn’s classical techniques and dance-like symphonies sparked interest in his most celebrated students, Wolfgang Mozart and Muzio Clementi. Both composers were featured in the ...

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Teaching authenticity in leadership: Teca Cameron

Since incorporating her eponymous business in 2010, Teca Cameron, 39, has gone through a few branding and rebranding periods. The first happened at 27, three years into her leadership role at a government agency. Cameron was starting to feel restless and unsatisfied at the organisation she had been working in ...

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Climb to conquer lung disease

On Feb. 3, the Lung Association held its third annual Steeltown Stair Climb to raise money for lung disease research at local institutions such as McMaster University. The building was filled with hundreds of people with different stories. Some firefighters were there to honour a co-worker with lung cancer, loved ...

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