Looking for Hamilton?

Hamilton’s Girl on the Wing: vintage mixed with latest trends

Hamilton may be known as the steel city, but the fashion industry is slowly creeping up. The fashion scene usually gets overlooked in Hamilton but if we really took a close glance at what this city has to offer, we’d be pleasantly surprised. As you walk down King Street East, ...

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Q&A with Francis Fiction

Human Stories is a web series that showcase people and their everyday lives. The creator, Francis Kabisoso, who goes by Francis Fiction, only discovered photography a few years ago. Born into a family of nine originating from Congo, Francis has always had a fascination with storytelling and directing.  Even though ...

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Familiar Faces at Mohawk: Atul Rao – TV Broadcasting Professor

Television Broadcast professor Atul Rao is one of the most experienced professors Mohawk has to offer. His experience ranges from producing the Wolverine and the X-Men series, embodying the character of SNIT on YTV to writing for shows like Beetlejuice and more. But how did Rao get his start? Back ...

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