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Was that a Canadian tuxedo?

Oh yes it was! Toronto Fashion Week started on Monday and it was fabulous. Day one was filled with meet and greets and exciting runway shows for the public. One show that had people shoving for a front row seat was Triarchy Denim. Triarchy is a denim company based out ...

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Breaking the fashion mould

As a young girl in grade school, Candice Gowans was called The Secretary because of her quirky fashion sense. She would wear long skirts and clothes other children her age thought were odd. She got her first pair of jeans in grade 10, preferring to wear clothes she designed with ...

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Strike at Mohawk: Week one update

Paul Armstrong, vice president of Mohawk College, sent an e-mail to students on Friday morning giving an update on the strike that has already kept them out of class since Oct. 16. “Unfortunately, a settlement has not yet been reached between the bargaining teams representing faculty and Ontario’s 24 colleges,” Armstrong ...

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