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Ugandan doc studies in Hamilton to heal those at home

In a small laboratory at Hamilton’s St. Joseph’s Hospital, Dr. Clement Okello sits peering into one of many microscopes that run in a line down the centre of the room. Okello turns some knobs on the scope to bring the white blood cells under the magnification lens into focus. For ...

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Halton Hills: a new “steel city”?

A Halton Hills manufacturing company is competing with some of the world’s top luxury brands. Steelforme Design Inc. manufactures multicoloured, laser-cut stainless steel bowls. Steelforme founder Craig Bahl traces the company’s start to his grandfather. “My grandfather in India is a manufacturer of steel tableware. He’s been in the industry ...

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Father O’Sullivan Research Awards

‘The medical research conducted today translates into the solutions of tomorrow.’ That was the message St. Joseph’s Healthcare Hamilton promoted as they prepared to announce the recipients of their first annual Father O’Sullivan Research Awards. The academic awards range from $18,000 to $37,000 per year, while recipients of the non-academic ...

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