Looking for Fitness?

Mohawk welcomes YogaFest

Students gathered outside the David Braley Athletic Centre on Sept. 20 to participate in Move @ Mohawk, an event presented by YogaFest. “YogaFest is about bringing the people together as one big community. It’s all about movement, sharing new experiences, being active, and just having a great time,” said Anthony ...

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Super-flying wrestler passes away at 73

Wrestling legend Jimmy “Superfly” Snuka passed away on Sunday due to stomach cancer at 73 years old. Snuka debuted his wrestling career in 1968 at the National Wrestling Alliance starting off with a bodybuilder gimmick. From there, he went on to wrestle in many other wrestling companies including the World ...

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New year, new me… Right?

Time to commit to those 2015 resolutions. These usually consist of quitting smoking, not spending so much money on shoes, or the always popular vow to lose weight. It is much easier to accurately track daily fitness goals with some sort of device. By wearing a Fitbit you get all of your information ...

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