Christmas shopping

The Christmas season is back as shopping centres keep their doors open a little longer, giving shoppers the chance to grab presents for their loved ones. Limeridge Mall, one of Hamilton’s shopping centres, is doing everything it can to make the shopping experience smoother.

It doesn’t take shopper Ashley Khan long to find presents. She said that it’s easy to find out what someone wants, after consistent pestering of course.

“I love this season,” said Khan. “It’s the most festive time of the year, which to me, is special. I love buying the perfect gifts for my family and friends, I always seem to know what to get.”

Holiday lights at Limeridge Mall 

Limeridge Mall is filled with lights and decorations, helping visitors get into the Christmas spirit. Shoppers can even take their little ones to see Santa, as long as they don’t mind the wait times.

But Christmas isn’t all fun and games. Crista Sedlacek, visual manager at Garage in Limeridge Mall, said that this is one of the most stressful times of the year in her line of work.

“It’s exhausting. I’m tired all the time,” said Sedlacek. “Having to keep the store in perfect condition just for a customer to destroy it five minutes later is brutal. One thing I do enjoy though is helping people get the gifts they need.”

It’s the holiday that just keeps on giving, make sure not to miss out this Christmas as you shop till you drop.

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