Coffee with a sex blogger

Sex blogger Susie Ellis, also known as Red Hot Suz, sat down for a quick chat with Ignite News to discuss what it’s like to be Hamilton’s only sex blogger and sex positivity within the Hamilton community.


To start off, how did the idea of Red Hot Suz come about?

I’ve always been a really open person with my friends and family. [Growing up] my mom was super open with me [especially about sex things.] Through university, I really established my feminism. I was home in Halifax, Nova Scotia before Christmas break and was on Twitter and I saw this girl named Kate Sloan, a sex blogger from Toronto, and realized all of her posts were about sex. And I thought, “Oh my God I could do this.” I’m a communications and multimedia student at McMaster University. I study writing and photography and can make a blog easily and I just thought to myself, “Why haven’t I done this yet?” Instantly it just clicked.

[The blog] was ininitally to be a place to practice my writing and a way get free stuff. Over the year I started to use my blog to educate others, with my dating experiences mostly. [Before starting the blog] I felt there wasn’t a lot of education on this kind of thing [within the Hamilton community]. Looking back at it now, I wish I had this information when starting university.


What does sex-positivity mean to you?

Let me read you my Tinder bio, that pretty much sums up what sex-positivity means to me: “Sex-positive is the idea and practice that all consensual, healthy sex is holistic. I support comprehensive sex education in schools.”


Do you get a lot of backlash from running a sex blog?

I don’t really. I get mean Instagram comments saying I’m fat and such, but I just delete those because they’re just fat shaming and not celebrating who I am.


How would you define yourself?

Let me refer to my Twitter bio for this one: “I’m a queer-femme feminist served with a side of sass, I’m also a selective slut.” That’s pretty much me in one nutshell. Those labels [along with] my experiences in life have shaped me to be who I am.


How do you react if someone calls you a slut?

When I’m called a slut I say, “Yeah, I am [And that catches them off-guard].” I’m re-appropriating the word for myself.


How do you feel about Hamilton’s atmosphere about sex positivity?

The gentrification that’s happening in Hamilton co-relates with sex positivity [in a few ways]. Hamilton needs to have accessible sex education and accessible queer spots in lower-income [parts of town]. When I try to find sex-positive pockets within the city it’s a little hard. There’s an older community that celebrates sex positivity but they’re too old for me.  When it comes to sex shops, there’s business chains like the Stag Shop and the Love Shop but they’re only there to make money, not to educate their consumers. Hopefully, when sex positivity becomes more known within the city the next store that rolls into town will be unique and owned by feminists who like to give back to the community through safe sex education. That’s what [I think] Hamilton needs to be more sex-positive.



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