Dallas Smith plays the Arnie

Dallas Smith is no stranger to the spotlight or success as lead singer of the internationally popular rock band, Default.

The transition from rock to country was almost effortless for Smith. He listened to various artists in his youth from the Beatles to Led Zepplin.

“I grew up with all of those influences in my house. As I got older, country music started coming back into my life,” said Smith.

(Photo: Tori Bellissimo)

(Photo: Tori Bellissimo)

With those influences in the back of his mind, Smith released his first solo album, Jumped Right In, in 2012.

“It was a long time coming for this country record and I was finally able to do it,” said Smith.

Smith was nominated for Male Artist of the Year, Single of the Year and Album of the Year at the 2012 Canadian Country Music Awards. Although he appreciated the pat on the back from the CCMA’s, he valued the exposure of his music during a performance during the show.

“I was more excited about being able to play on the show, and show everybody what I do that don’t normally come out and see a show,” said Smith.

In 2013, Smith made the decision to release an EP instead of a full album. He wasn’t comfortable releasing all of the songs that he and his team were working on, so he released a shorter version. He said that once he gets each song to where he is happy with them, the rest of the songs would be released.

“I wanted to have something out for the summer for all of the summer festivals and something out for this year,” said Smith.

The first single and title track of his EP, “Tippin Point”, was one that Smith thought was a risk releasing first.

“That song got stuck in my own head, so I was hoping it would do the same to everybody else,” said Smith. “I wasn’t really sure how it would go over because it’s a little bit different from what’s on country radio.”

Kristina photoSmith is set to start a Canadian leg of a tour in April with country superstar band Florida Georgia Line. He and the band completed several shows in the U.S. together.

“They didn’t come up here and play very much for us yet, so I’m excited to see those big arenas full of excited, excited fans,” said Smith.

Smith was able spend some time with the legendary Bryan Adams and received his best piece of advice from the artist.

“I talked to him about what I was doing with Default and what I wanted to do with a country record. As he was walking away he just looked back and casually said, “You know what man, best advice I could give you is to do what you want.” And that’s what I did,” said Smith.

Smith took this advice and channeled Keith Urban, who he calls his biggest influence when constructing his latest collection of songs.

“He’s kind of the perfect storm of what I grew up with, classic rock and country. That’s how I see this project moving forward, the blending of both,” said Smith.

And he has advice for aspiring musicians at Mohawk who are hoping to take a page out of his book when looking to move forward with their music.

“Just concentrate on song writing and just concentrate on getting that song that will take you to that next level. Nothing else will,” said Smith. “Once you have the song, people will see it and hear it and help you along the way to get you to where you want to be. But it all comes down to the song.”

by Kristina Costabile


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