Did you go for a ride on Victoria Day? Thank your driver

Most people get the day off on a holiday, but others still have to work – including people who drive a taxi, limo or an Uber for a living. Whether it’s their boss making them come to work or if a personal reason,they have to work when the rest of us don’t.

“I have been driving an Uber for years and I would rather be at home with my family than out here driving people where they need to be,” said Uber driver Saeed Atif.

“Unfortunately for drivers like myself we don’t have that option. We have to put food on the table so that is why we work on holidays. The only benefit of working on a holiday is sometimes people are generous enough and they give a big tip but other than that it just feels like a regular day at work.”

Although Uber drivers are self-employed and decide when to work, some have to work holidays to make the extra cash to support themselves and their families.

Although the drivers are not happy because they are working on holidays, customers and employers feel the opposite.

“It gets people like myself where we need to go and it is very convenient,” said Jon Barns, a frequent Uber and Taxi user.

Employers of taxi and limo drivers say that holidays and special events bring in the most money and the most customers. Employers say that it what’s best for business.

by Assam Elahi

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