Don’t miss it: 12th annual Hamilton Film Festival

The 12th edition of the Hamilton Film Festival is quickly approaching. The event includes not only local and international films but also an opportunity for emerging filmmakers to make connections.

Black Donnellys, one of the movies shown at the festival, is a Canadian western based on true events.

For HFF organizer Nathan Fleet, the people behind these movies represent a big part of the event.

“The Hamilton Film Festival is really about the filmmaker,” he says, “we work year-round to enhance the local film industry.”

The festival was started by the Staircase Theatre as a small, very local event.

“I was involved in small ways, very early,” says Fleet.

The festival was handed over to Fleet in 2015, and today it draws in around 450 submissions and shows 150 films throughout the nine-day event.

“We had a few hundred amazing films to go through [this year],” says Fleet, “and we watch every one of them.”

The Good Mother, one of the movies shown at the festival, is a short film about a mother who tries to find the perfect piñata for her son.

Fleet says his favourite part of the festival is taking part in growing the local film scene and, of course, watching movies.

However, the selection process is not easy.

“[The process is] a time consuming and stressful, but satisfying one,” says Fleet. He explained that after the programmers send all their notes and pick their “must haves,” he has to fit it all in. “I book our venues many months in advance so I already know my time constraints.”

The theme this year is music, so the festival is hosting three concerts. There will also be music-themed movies, as well as panels and spotlights on film scores.

This year’s Hamilton Film Festival will run from Nov. 4 to Nov. 12.

If you’re interested in attending the festival, go to the festival’s website.

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