Godless: A new western that remembers its roots

Tragedy lies around every corner in Netflix’s ambitious new series Godless. The brutal world of the Old West is plagued by bandits and outlaws such as the infamous Roy Goode, a bank robber forced into hiding in the small town of La Belle, New Mexico after he betrays his former gang.

Godless is proof that the western genre still has plenty to offer audiences. The intense shootouts and shocking scenes of the horror wrought on those unlucky enough to be caught in the crossfire make it a gritty and dark series while remaining true to the roots of classic western films. However, it also sets aside the romanticized Old West of classic films while still telling a story of heroes and overcoming the worst in life. The talented cast never fails to perform and actors like Jeff Daniels and Michelle Dockery deliver memorable performances.

However, the series does have noticeable issues with pacing. Each episode has a long runtime and sometimes has a tendency to feel unnecessarily slow. The series could have easily cut scenes from episodes without hurting the final product.

Godless can be difficult to watch at times due to its slow pacing, though every drawn-out episode eventually pays off with intense scenes of action and unexpected twists. Western fans can relax. Godless is both something new in the western genre and a series that never forgets where it came from.

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