Guinness record attempt falls short leaving attendees in the rain

Residents of Burlington teamed up by the thousands in an attempt to break the Guinness World Record for largest human letter of the alphabet, but their efforts fell short at the end of the rainy, but highly-anticipated event

The Joseph Brant Hospital Foundation event drew 2,334 people to Spencer Smith Park, short of their goal of 4,000.

Despite falling short of their goal, the attendees and the hospital agreed it was a valiant effort to break a Guinness record and that it was a way for members of the community to get closer together and show their support for the hospital.

“My family and I had a great time participating in ‘Join The J’ event and I think it was a great way to see all those who came even in the rain,” said Linda Lee, a Burlington resident. “It would have been great if we actually broke the record, but regardless, Burlington is great with or without the Guinness record.”

The hospital’s event was not only an attempt to break a Guinness world record but also to give residents a chance to show support for the hospital, currently undergoing renovations.

“The renovations will go on for the next few years with an improvement that I think will really impress the Burlington community and future patients,” nurse Carolyn Rogers said. Rogers added that she was glad to see all those who came to support the hospital and the community.

The hospital says renovations will finish the second phase in 2017 and that the whole project will be completed within the next few years.

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