Hamilton struggles under its first snow

The first big snowfall of the winter for Hamilton dropped Monday afternoon as 5-10 cm filled the streets. HSR buses were delayed for the majority of the evening due to the state of the roads. Although snowplows and road salters were trying their best to keep up with the sudden blanket of powder, this didn’t prevent a few nasty collisions in the downtown area.

The city’s Twitter responded to public concerns, writing that city workers will be prioritizing main routes, escarpment crossings, and collector roads.

“Crews are monitoring conditions and remain focused on Priority 1 & 2 roads at this time and overnight,” @cityofhamilton wrote. “Next update in the morning. Drive safely, #HamOnt!”

This means the city’s priority will be: The Lincoln Alexander Parkway, Red Hill Valley Parkway, Main Street, Cannon Street, Hamilton Route 56, and the main roads through Ancaster, Dundas, Stoney Creek, Glanbrook, and Flamborough.

The City of Hamilton website recommends drivers give themselves more time to reach their destinations, especially if their intended route is excluded from the priority list, as this is the most commonly overlooked safety tip when it comes to winter driving in the city.

Forecasts predict the snow is here to stay for the coming weeks, with a special weather warning from Environment Canada. Although Wednesday and Thursday are gearing to clear up, flurries are expected to continue throughout the weekend. On the bright side, after the mildness of last year’s holiday, The Hammer may just see a white Christmas this year.

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