Holidays should be about freedom

Statutory holidays are often almost meaningless when it comes to those who work within the service industry or emergency services. Their schedule receives no free day of relaxation and often the choice is not theirs to make.

trentwestonThe one positive is usually a raise in hourly wages for those who are working the holiday hours, but that isn’t always seen a fair deal to all involved. When asked, Home Depot Garden Center employee Trent Weston said, “I don’t want to, I try to get it off every time I can, I don’t need to work for the time and a half.”

It can also get in the way of time with those family and friends who are closest to you, and whom we are supposed to be spending such holidays with.

“Yes it can definitely have an effect on my plans,” said Jack Preston of College Pro Painters from Ancaster. “It makes you have to rearrange your schedule to make up time with those you should have spent it with, but it’s not the end of the world.”

jackprestonIt seems as if employees don’t seem to find many positives in working a holiday, but for those who do, they would still prefer the choice. “Yeah, I’d like to have some choice or the option to work it,” says Preston, “It’s not like I always want or need the day off, but it helps to be able to choose to work it or not.”

The freedom of a day off can be an inspiring thing, as can working for more money than the norm. However, what is most wanted is the freedom to choose what one wants to do, rather than simply a free day.

by Nicholas Birnie

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