Gallery gets Toronto excited about Pan Am

With the Pan Am Games less than a month away, the city of Toronto is hosting many events to get the public excited about the international sporting event. The Market Gallery, located on Front Street East in Toronto’s downtown, has curated a historical sports gallery called Home Field Advantage. The gallery includes photographs and artifacts to showcase the history of summer sports in Toronto. “The exhibit is the city’s way of getting people excited for the Pan Am games,” says Michael Dowbenka, the gallery’s exhibit and outreach technician.

The exhibit illustrates the growth of organized sport within Toronto and showcases photographs of amateur and professional athletes from the city from the 1870s to the early 1900s. The gallery gives visitors an inside look as to what sporting events were like back then, and even includes building plans and photographs of different stadiums that were built over time in Toronto.

The exhibit allows visitors to trace the evolution of summer sports, and includes many sports that can be seen at this years Pan Am games, including swimming, cycling, basketball and baseball. It offers a visual guide to just how far professional sports have evolved within the city.

“I was really excited to see the exhibit,” says visitor Samantha Buch. “It was cool to see how far sporting events have come in Toronto, especially when we’re about to host something as big as the Pan Am games.”

The gallery’s photographs and artifacts were curated through the City Archives, the National Archives, the National Sports Hall of Fame and the Toronto Public Library, Dowbenka says.

The Home Field Advantage Exhibit can be seen until September 26th at the Market Gallery, located in downtown Toronto.

by Hannah Jackson

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