Ingenuity at Work showcases the best Mohawk has to offer

The halls of Mohawk College were filled this week as business owners from Hamilton and Burlington, along with representatives from the city of Burlington, toured the campus for Ingenuity at Work. The event promoted partnerships between local businesses, the city of Burlington, and Mohawk College.

Burlington Mayor Rick Goldring saw this as an opportunity for the city and business owners to see what Mohawk has to offer. “Well it’s very important that the city of Burlington and Economic Development Corporation has a great relationship with Mohawk because Mohawk is doing a lot of leading-edge work that can help manufacturing companies in Burlington, so I am here to help promote that relationship,” said Goldring.

Mayor Goldring, along with business owners and representatives from the city, toured the Robotics and 3D printing labs among other locations. Goldring seemed  impressed with what he saw, saying, “So far so good. I’m very impressed, certainly impressed with the work that is being done in the energy lab area, as well as 3D printing. It’s very interesting and I’m really impressed that Mohawk is absolutely the leading edge.”

Frank McKeown, the executive director of Burlington Economic Development, sees the students at Mohawk as the future in the field of business and economic development. “The future is the students that are here, not the folks that are standing around saying they don’t have answers,” he said. “I see Mohawk as being that critical component.”

While Ingenuity at Work is over, it is just the start for a long-term partnership between the school, local businesses, and the city of Burlington.  As a result, the students of Mohawk may find new opportunities to work with the city and businesses in the area.

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