Islam: Let’s talk about it

A religion like Islam is not always the easiest thing to understand and it may come with many misconceptions. Malik Datardina came to Mohawk College on Wednesday afternoon (Feb. 8) to give a presentation and hold a Q&A session on Islam, explaining it in simple terms and dispelling any misconceptions.

Nearly 50 people came out to the presentation, which was sponsored by Social Inc. Datardina started by talking about the five pillars of Islam, breaking down what Islam means and what it stands for.

“The five pillars on which Islam stands on are testifying there being only one God, prayer, compulsory charity on the wealthy, fasting and performing Pilgrimage,” said Datardina. Hew went on to explain the fundamentals of Islam and what it means to be a Muslim.

Throughout the presentation, Datardina answered questions and dispelled some of the misconceptions people had about Islam and Muslims.

Attendees said they took a lot from Datardina’s presentation and were happy they decided to attend.

“I really liked a lot of what he was saying about Islam and how Muslims view the world,” said Elizabeth Burke, a Mohawk College student. “When he was talking about the accountability aspect of Islam it really opened my eyes and I think something like that should be implemented in society and not just in religion.”

Many of the attendees said these types of presentations are important and should happen more often.

“It is important that we have guest speakers come in and talk about things such as religion, race, gender and more so that those who are unaware or may have any misconceptions will be able to become enlightened,” said Marco Felvus, an instructor in the college’s Human Services program.

Social Inc. will be conducting more awareness presentations in the future. Next week a guest speaker will speak on Trans identity.

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