James Street North Presents: Art Crawl

The second Friday of every month, James Street North bustles with people attending the monthly Art Crawl. Art Crawl gives local artists the chance to show off their creative side and express their emotions through meaningful homemade products.

Homemade creations can include jewellery, paintings, gemstones and crystals, tasty treats, and even home décor.

“I like to switch it up every month. Last month I made things out of cactuses, this month I’m using wood,” said Kyle Hutcheson, owner of the local crafting business, Planting Seeds. “I try to make things that get people thinking of old ways of doing things. I use old technologies with new technologies to do a majority of my design work.”

Kyle Hutcheson and Margaret Waters helping each other set up

Margaret Waters, the owner of Buried Treasures, has been making her own jewellery since the early 90s. She makes pins and pendants out of antique china, or repurposed items she finds around the city. Making one-of-a-kind jewellery can be tricky, but Waters enjoys putting her passions out for the world to see.

“I do it because I like it,” said Waters. “My clock pieces are the most popular and with the variety of people you see on the street, you never really know who’s going to stop and purchase one of your pieces.”

Landscape paintings from one of many Hamiltonian artists at Art Crawl

While creating various products to impress the public, Hutcheson knows that a great support base is what can motivate an artist to continue showcasing his or her work. Art Crawl is important because it helps local creators spread their art around, gaining more followers and buyers.

“There’s a lot of supportive people in Hamilton, they like supporting and interacting with that crowd,” said Hutcheson. “My favourite thing about Art Crawl is definitely the people that come out. Everyone’s so supportive and you can even collaborate with other artists as well. It truly has value and I’m thankful to be a part of it.”

Make sure you check out Art Crawl on James Street North and support the local artists who are brave enough to showcase their work.

Visit their website for more details http://www.jamesstreetnorth.ca/blog/


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