Juicing. A new fad or good for your health?

The owner of Burlington’s Bodhi Bar Juicery, says a juice cleanse helped her daughter defeat cancer. Niaomi Gardner says after her daughter tried chemotherapy and it failed she turned to the Gerson Diet Therapy.

“When her cancer returned we looked at alternatives and we found the Gerson therapy, which included a lot of organic cold pressed juicing,” said Gardner. “My daughter began consuming 13 juices a day. After three months all of the tumors shrunk down and she had no tumors left. She was at that time cancer free.”

Owner and General Manager Nioami Gardner

Gardner took her positive experience with juicing and started Bodhi Bar Juicery on Lakeshore Road. The juicery is the first of its kind in Burlington, serving organic cold-pressed juices and organic fresh-pressed juices.

First-time Bodhi Bar customer, Sandra Dimarchi, said she will definitely be back.

“I haven’t been here before and we live down the road and never noticed this was here,” Dimarchi said. “We thought we would come in and check it out and so far it tastes really good.”

Right now there are seven different juices and five different smoothies with noted benefits for different health results.

After successfully reaching business targets in 2017, Gardner says she is hoping to franchise the juicery business and open more outlets in the Greater Toronto Area.

“I knew how challenging it was for me when I was finding juices for my daughter to find the produce and to know how to do the juicing,” Gardner said. “If there was a place like this we would have some great outings around juice – I’ll tell you that much.”

Bodhi Bar Juicery is open year-round.

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