Kingsman sequel is flashy and fun but often falls flat

From the very first scene Kingsman: The Golden Circle knows exactly what it wants to be, though it relies heavily on its predecessor to find its footing. It’s full of stylized fights that showcase various creative ways of shooting at people. The longer dynamic shots oddly help the chaotic fight scenes feel more realistic compared to the standard action film full of jump cuts, and the result is noticeably more enjoyable. However, once the fighting stops and the story begins, the movie shows its weaknesses.

The film follows Eggsy, played by Taron Egerton, now a full agent in the Kingsman working under the codename Galahad. After the near-complete destruction of his organization, Eggsy sets off to find the culprits. Along the way, he runs into the Statesman, a similar organization that operates in the United States. With their help, Eggsy stumbles upon a greater threat to the world than he initially realized, which puts millions of people at risk.

The stereotypical Statesman offers a new source of laughs for the films through their southern jargon, but the movie spends so much time attempting to be silly and chaotic that it often loses its charm when its lack of depth is on display. Various plot points are ignored in the constant pursuit of the next fight. At times it opts to forget the existence of important characters while instead giving more screen time to ridiculous cameos for a joke.

That being said Kingsman: The Golden Circle is an enjoyable film to watch, though at times you may find yourself wishing there was more to it than beautiful chaos.

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