Lights out at Mohawk College

Mohawk College officials say that power has been restored on the Fennell campus after a sudden outage on Tuesday, Feb. 6.

Two wings of the school lost all power, causing food services to shut down and classes in the G-wing and E-wing to be cancelled. The Mohawk Students Association (MSA) alerted the community about the power outage via various social media accounts and email. A Twitter post by the MSA stated, “Due to the ongoing power outage in our building, the MSA office and our food outlets are closed until further notice.”


The MSA notified the college community about the sudden power outage via social media.


“My TV documentary class takes place in E-wing, and when we arrived, there was no power,” explained Prof. Alison Dunn. “Since we watch documentaries in that class, it was clear we wouldn’t be able to run the class as usual. I spoke to the students for half an hour about the subject at hand, and then they had to go find a quiet spot to watch this week’s documentary on their own. I feel bad for students who commuted to the college only to have their class cut short.”

As the outage continued, Continuing Education classes were also cancelled and rescheduled.

The college remained open for classes in all other wings of the school. But any students hoping to hang out in the Student Centre or get a drink in the Arnie were out of luck.

“The power outage that occurred in the MSA Student Centre (G-Wing) on Tuesday was an unexpected challenge beyond our control,” said Mohawk Students Association president Samantha Hoover. “Student and staff safety is of utmost importance to us, and we wanted to ensure they were safe within the Student Centre. As a precaution, the decision was made to move forward with a full closure of the Student Centre until power was restored.”

The power outage didn’t last beyond Tuesday, both wings were back to business in time for the start of classes Wednesday morning.












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