Mohawk welcomes YogaFest

Students gathered outside the David Braley Athletic Centre on Sept. 20 to participate in Move @ Mohawk, an event presented by YogaFest.

“YogaFest is about bringing the people together as one big community. It’s all about movement, sharing new experiences, being active, and just having a great time,” said Anthony Didomenico, co-founder of YogaFest. “Our goal for YogaFest at Mohawk is for students to forget about all the stress that comes with school, and to relax and move!”

“We have workshops happening all day,” said Joanna Bis, co-founder of YogaFest. “We have lots of vendors, from jewellery to massage and wellness coaches. It’s just a community gathering and it really is in the spirit of spreading more awareness of yoga and conscious living in the community.”

Multiple yoga classes were planned for the one-day event, as well as movement, boot camp, pilates, and dance classes.

“The yoga classes were a huge success,” said Katie McClelland, owner of De La Sol Yoga Studios. “It was nice to see how even people who’ve never tried yoga before were just rolling with it and having a great time.”

For beginners, McClelland said yoga can be challenging but will get easier with practice and an open mind.

“This is the first yoga class I’ve ever done and it was pretty hard,” said Sydney Olszweski, a visitor to YogaFest. “I actually felt restful at the end. I’ve done some yoga moves before and I usually just find it really challenging but this time it was very calming.”

McClelland said she hopes those in attendance will learn to listen to their bodies and express themselves in a free, positive way.

“People think that yoga is all about how flexible you can be and it actually has nothing to do with that, it’s about the mindfulness piece,” McClelland explained.

“I feel like life can be so challenging, life can be such a struggle in so many ways,” said McClelland. “I think YogaFest is meant to be a celebration, a place to let go, a place to find freedom and fun. It’s a way to express creativity, movement and to connect and to heal, and I think they’ve succeeded in that today.”

Classes ran all day from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m.

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