Mountaineer women battle through a gritty game against St. Clair

Based off the frequency of the whistle-blowing with each foul, fans might have thought they were watching a rugby game. The Mohawk women’s basketball team played a very physical game against St. Clair College on Dec. 1.

So far this season the Mountaineers have proven to be one of the strongest teams in the league. The Mohawk women’s team have played very few games that they weren’t able to dominate. With almost half the season left, it seemed like there wasn’t much competition for them.

But in the first half of their game with St. Clair, it became clear that they had their work cut out for them.

The Mountaineers were able to take advantage of the many fouls committed by their opponent. They scored 22 out of 26 free throw opportunities. Head coach Kevin Duffy said he had not seen a game that physical yet this season.

“It was a pretty frenetic game,” said Duffy. “Both teams are pretty evenly matched, and had momentum. It really turned into a street fight at the end. It was just scratch and claw for every inch on the court.”

In a nearly-successful attempt to mount a comeback, St. Clair scored 23 points in the third quarter.

“Both teams were really battling throughout,” said Mohawk point guard Lauren Dubois. “Things got pretty close in the third, but we found our legs again, pulled away into the fourth, and just kept going.”

Victory went to the Mountaineers in the end with a final score of 75-60. Their next game will be on Jan. 5 at Seneca College.



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