Mountaineers fight for a spot in the playoffs in the last game before the break

The audience roared their support at the final home before the break and put the pressure to perform on the Mountaineers. The men’s basketball team fought their way to victory in a close game with St. Clair on Dec. 1.

With the playoffs approaching, they wanted to ensure they had a position in the playoffs. The Mountaineers are hoping to take the OCAA gold medal, after coming home with silver last season.

Mohawk remained ahead of their opponents early on, scoring consistent points in each quarter. Play quickly became intense and physical between the two teams. The Mountaineers were able to capitalize on the fouls committed by St. Clair, scoring on 15 of their 23 free throw opportunities.

“It feels good, we’re in a good spot right now for where we want to be, going into the second semester,” said third-year player Emmanuel Mukuna. “We actually have a chance to beat other teams we lost to last season and make the playoffs.”

The forward led the team with 25 points overall, sinking some impressive three-pointers throughout the game.

“I thought early in the game we had a chance to have a better lead than we ended up having,” said head coach Brian Jonkers. “Defensively we were good in the first half, lots of things to improve in the second.”

Mohawk led 44-23 after the first half but allowed St. Clair to come back with 35 points in the second.

“I think we’re in good shape,” said Jonkers. “We’re in a position where we can still get up into the top half [of the standings] and get a home game for the playoffs, and that’s really what you want.”

The Mountaineers finished off the semester with a well-earned 76-69 victory. Their next game will be an invitational at VIU on Dec. 28.


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