New Year’s resolutions

It’s that time of year when many people make resolutions to improve their lives. The most common resolutions are to eat healthier, get more organized, or cut out a few bad habits picked up over the previous year.

But how many people actually stick to their New Year’s resolutions?

Anthony Maiolo, a second-year aviation technician at Fanshawe College likes to keep things simple when it comes to New Year’s resolutions, making sure he’s happy throughout the process.

“Every year I pick the same thing,” said Maiolo. “I always pick to live a healthy lifestyle and try to take time out of my day to destress myself. Picking that every year motivates me to be the best person I can be.”

While New Year’s resolutions can be fun to accomplish, they require willpower and a positive mindset. Things can get in the way or the desire to complete them can slowly fizzle out, so it’s important to stay motivated through the tough times.

“It’s hard though,” said Maiolo. “Trying to juggle school and my family and friends. Sometimes I lose interest and give up for a couple days but then I remember how good it felt when I was staying on track, and that’s what keeps me going. I want to better myself, I want to live a happy and healthy life with constant support.”

Robin DeMarco, an online life coach, said resolutions require patience and realistic goals.

An easy way to simplify making resolutions

“You have to think small,” said DeMarco. “Pick something that relates closely to you and be specific. You can’t have unrealistic goals either, or you won’t achieve anything, it’s all about feeling confident in yourself. But remember, it’s okay to fail.

Living a positive lifestyle isn’t the only resolution people wish to keep. Sometimes it’s more about focusing on a specific thing in life and trying to improve in that area.

“My New Year’s resolution is to do well in school,” said Sarah Dakran, a third-year business student at McMaster University. “I wouldn’t consider myself a slacker but I could definitely try to focus on my studies more. Now that I found a specific career path, I could always go out a little less and study hard for my exams.”

Sticking to resolutions that were planned out throughout the previous year can always be a little tough but it’s important to keep an open mind, and a strong, positive environment.



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