Punk walks, for real

A strange week in the WWE has led to some big changes within the company. The biggest of these changes came early Wednesday morning, when news broke that star CM Punk had walked out. This is a big deal, and has brought the company more mainstream publicity than the recent return of Dave Batista.

Punk, who had been working for the WWE almost non-stop for the past seven years, reportedly informed boss Vince McMahon that he was going home on Monday afternoon. Injuries, sickness, and frustration with the direction of the product are just some of the reasons that reportedly led to Punk leaving. The news hit the WWE just before Monday Night Raw, forcing them to re-write the entire show right before going on the air.

Punk has said in the past that injuries and burnout are reasons he is looking forward to retirement, and fans have been expecting that to come sooner rather than later. But nobody expected it this soon, especially not during the buildup to WrestleMania.

Could this departure create big changes within the WWE? Wrestling journalist James Rolls, from Ringsidexcess.com, doesn’t think so.

“Punk leaving WWE likely won’t cause permanent changes to the company internally, but there may end up being some adjustments as far as talent being able to let out frustration should they have any,” said Rolls. “One aspect of the company not many know is that Vince McMahon himself is open to speaking with any superstar about their current position and any concerns they have.”

There was either a blow-up between the two, or Punk got so frustrated that he could no longer deal with any company officials.

Story lines were in place for Punk to face-off against Triple H at WrestleMania. That has now been changed to Daniel Bryan vs. Triple H. Oddly enough, Bryan not receiving a high-profile match at the big event was one of the reasons that Punk was upset, so he helped facilitate that small change.

“I do not believe this situation will benefit anybody, including Punk and WWE themselves,” said Rolls.

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