Saturday night’s all right for fighting

For some people, a typical Saturday includes curling up on the couch with a snack and friends or family. Others host or attend fashion events like Battle of the Designers.

Sat. Nov. 18 marked the first Battle of the Designers at Pie in the Sky Studios in Toronto. This event was created by Felix Monilari, who also goes by “Mr. Lexx.” Mr. Lexx is an image consultant, a photographer and a personal shopper in the Toronto area. His passion for fashion came early, with him taping fashion posters all over his room.

He put together this competition to “help shine light and to glorify fashion culture.”

The first-place-winner, Nigerian native Zoba Martin, received a $2,000 cash prize. The winner was chosen by a panel of judges composed of a clothing designer, and two producers. The judges made their decision based on performance, creativity and style.

The crowd for the event was very diverse. Men, women, singles, couples, different ethnicities, everyone was there. The designers were very diverse as well. Mr. Lexx said he was fortunate to work with a variety of African designers for this show. He described the entire experience as amazing as he is also African and designs his own clothing.

He described what African designers do for fashion, saying, “We bring the culture its self-explanatory fashion trendsetters.”

Mr. Lexx says he wants to continue having events like Battle of the Designers soon.

Mike Skarvinko Photography

Mike Skarvinko Photography


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