Shadow of the Colossus Remastered review

Shadow of the Colossus is a 2005 cult classic that originally came out on the PlayStation 2. Although it did get a remaster on the PlayStation 3 in 2011, fans still wanted more from the developers. Now we get another remaster for the PlayStation 4 and this is one of the best-looking games you can buy on the market right now.

The graphics for the game are almost lifelike and really show what the PlayStation 4 can do in terms of hardware and power. Everything in the PS4 version of the game has been rebuilt from the ground up and it really shows in its work. This is really the huge selling point for this remaster but it’s not the only great aspect of this game.

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The story of the game is you play as Wander. He and his horse Agro travel a long distance to reach a sacred temple with the body of Wander’s dead lover. He brings her corpse along because legend has it an unseen entity, Dormin, is at the temple and can bring his lover back to life. However, there is a small price to pay, Wander must roam the land in search of 16 different Colossi and defeat them. In the end, after all the Colossi are defeated, things don’t turn out as Wander planned and he pays the ultimate price.

The gameplay of Shadow of the Colossus is one boss battle after another. It may sound like it would get boring after the third boss but that’s not the case. Each Colossus has a different gimmick and once you find that gimmick, you can go through each boss with some patience. Each Colossus has a different appearance as well, there are Colossi that look like bulls, giants, turtles, snakes, birds and many more. It’s this variety that shakes up the gameplay so that it won’t fall into a trap of being boring or repetitive.

Another gameplay aspect is the open world you explore while searching for the Colossi. The world for Shadow of the Colossus is huge and it’s easy to get lost while exploring the vast open world. The updated graphics also help bring this world to life with detailed visuals that are stunning to look at. From grass that actually moves to leaving footprints in the sand, these graphics should not be overlooked.

The controls for the game have been changed from the other versions but you have the option to switch to the original controls from the PS2 version. This isn’t a big deal for newcomers who are playing the game for the first time. However, hardcore fans will enjoy this because new controls can be difficult to get used to when changed.

The music for the game is beautiful. Kow Otani is the composer and his music blends perfectly with this game. From Colossi having their own music to the music when you defeat the Colossi to just the music in the background,  Otani captures the spirit and heart of this game perfectly.

The Verdict:

Shadow of the Colossus is a game that is fun and challenging from start to finish. The game is a balanced boss rush with beautiful graphics, amazing music and smooth gameplay. Shadow of the Colossus is easy to play but hard to master. Shadow of the Colossus is also not expensive like most AAA games nowadays, costing only $50. If gamers with a few hours to spare are looking for a new game to play, this game is perfect.


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