Students stress over the strike

Another day of Ontario college teachers striking meant another day of missed classes for students at Mohawk College.

An information update was issued to students from Paul Armstrong, vice president of Mohawk College, explaining what precautions are in order regarding missed classes.

“If the strike lasts for more than a week, missed classes and final exams may move into January,” Armstrong wrote. “A prolonged strike may also require a later start to our winter semester and the cancellation of the winter reading week”

For some students, the strike gives them a chance to catch-up on assignments and homework, but for Kaitlyn Kersley, the strike is only causing stress.

“I’m a first-year student and I’m learning all new things that I haven’t been introduced to,” said Kersley. “The fact that I can’t talk to my teachers about assignments is stressing me out.”

Christie Midgley is a third-year Television and Broadcasting student. Midgley says she understands the reasoning behind the strike but feels the students are the ones feeling the collateral damage.

“They have a right to strike and I understand that,” Midgley said. “[The teachers] aren’t trying to be an inconvenience to us, but they are.”

Midgley also said she has an internship to complete within the winter semester and she hopes the strike doesn’t affect it.

It remains to be seen how the strike will impact winter break for Mohawk’s students. However, Armstrong said precautions are being considered by the college, should the term overlap with winter break.

“The college will be working with all clinical, field placement, co-ops, and other providers of internships to manage start dates for students if we need to finish part of the Fall semester in January,” Armstrong said.

During the strike, all assignments and tests have been postponed. Students aren’t expected to teach themselves, and must not contact their professors with questions about classwork until the strike is over.

Third-year student Chris Plumb says he’s worried his grades may be on the line.

“I’m someone who loses motivation really easily and being away from school … is going to affect my grades greatly,”

For now, Mohawk students are left wondering what will happen to their reading week and winter vacation.

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