The Be Sharps get ready to play This Ain’t Hollywood

From left to right: Adam Carter (vocals and guitar), Arturo Fuenmayor (guitar), Andrew Rous (bass), and Andrew Bartle (drums). Photo: Adam Carter

The Simpsons are coming to Hamilton, kind of.

The Be Sharps is a Hamilton- and-Toronto-based band that only plays music from The Simpsons TV show. The band came together at the beginning of 2017 and is fairly new, but has already played full houses in both cities where the band is based.

The Be Sharps was originally the name of the band on The Simpsons consisting of Homer Simpson, Apu, Seymour Skinner and Chief Wiggum. However, when the tribute band from Hamilton and Toronto got together, Adam Carter the vocalist, and guitarist, said all members agreed they should stick with the original name from the show.

Carter said, “It just seemed like it made sense, it was the name everybody recognized when you think of music and The Simpsons, so we just rolled with that.”

The band is a project Carter, a long-time Simpsons fan, had been interested in for years.

“It was just a crazy, weird idea that I thought might work and people might connect with and I never really got around to it,” Carter said. “Then just before Christmas I had kind of gone, ‘All right I’ve thought about this, and sat on it for a couple of years and I feel like if I can round up the people to get it going there would be an interest in this sort of thing.’”

Later this month, on Oct. 14, The Be Sharps are performing at the popular Hamilton venue This Ain’t Hollywood.

In order to prepare, in addition to practising, the band is watching old episodes of The Simpsons to remember which episodes certain songs came from, and what quotes were said around different songs.

Carter explained it’s a bit of a weird niche and he originally had no idea if anyone would be interested, but with more people coming out to shows it’s looking like The Be Sharps are on the right track.

Tickets for the show will be sold at the door of This Ain’t Hollywood on the night of the event. In addition to The Be Sharps, other bands performing include Out of Order, The Nasties, and Artificial Dissemination.

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