The cucumber chronicles: what you didn’t know about cucumbers

Cucumbers are a vegetable that many people grew up being forced to eat. However, those little cucumber slices are actually beneficial to not only your overall health but also your wallet.

College students face many challenges, such as living on a budget while trying to eat healthily.

For many students, it’s very important to stay within their budgets when buying groceries. For Jessica Bowen, that means price matching.

“Food prices are always affected by inflation so your budget might not always fit your needs,” said Bowen. “Why wouldn’t you want to price match to save money? It’s just being responsible.”

Cucumbers are a great option when trying to save money and eat healthily. Cucumbers can come on sale for as little as 99 cents for one. There are also many great health benefits to cucumbers, including the fact that they contain a lot of water, which is important as many people don’t drink enough daily.

Mandy King is a holistic nutritionist who loves cucumbers. She said cucumbers are a great snack for a student on the go and a great way to get more veggies into your diet.

A refreshing, gluten-free take on a traditional sub, cucumber subs

“Cucumbers are an excellent source of Vitamin K, with one cup containing 20 per cent of your daily Vitamin K which is important for bone health,” said King.

Cucumbers are mainly eaten by themselves or thrown into salads, but there are many creative ways you can use cucumbers.

One option is cucumber subs. The cucumber replaces the bread in the sub. These subs are very versatile and open to creativity.

Another option is cucumber roll-ups. These are similar to the subs, but they’re a little smaller and easier to eat.

Small and easy to make cucumber roll-ups

Cucumbers are a very inexpensive, versatile, and healthy vegetable that can easily be incorporated into a college student’s diet.

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