The new face of charity at Hamilton Comic Con

Thousands of cosplayers (costume players) and comic book enthusiasts flocked to the Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum over the weekend for this year’s Hamilton Comic Con, which was sponsored by Mohawk College.

People of all ages enjoyed the attractions at the Con which saw celebrity guest panelists such as Ernie Hudson from the Ghostbusters movies; Michael Golden, a comic book artist, responsible for such titles as: Superman: The Man of Steel, Doctor Strange and Howard the Duck; and Bronson Pinchot, from the television show Perfect Strangers.

man signing pictures in front of a black curtain

Ernie Hudson (Ghostbusters) signs photos for fans at Hamilton Comic Con. Photo by Matthew Barker

If engaging in a panel discussion or getting a picture taken with some of pop culture’s most recognizable names doesn’t get you excited, you could try some of the worthwhile attractions which helped to give back to the community.

Ontario Ghostbusters (OGB) is a group of people who dress up in the iconic khaki flight suits and don homemade proton packs for a good cause. All the money raised through the sale of merchandise or dressing up as a rookie ghostbuster goes to local charities.

Brily Lepine, co-president, and equipment tech of the OGB, said they support the Canadian Women’s Foundation “which is a wonderful charity that gives to all sorts of women’s causes.”

He continued, “Bursaries for women going into the trades, general university bursaries, planned parenthood, shelters, all of it.”

man in front of a sign that reads Ontario Ghostbusters

Brily Lepine of Ontario Ghostbusters. Photo by Matthew Barker

If that didn’t get the nerd juices flowing, then there is always Star Wars. The 501st Legion, which is a themed group that roleplays as stormtroopers, Sith Lords, bounty hunters, and royal guards. It supports many charities throughout the Hamilton and Toronto areas as well.

Charles Bowes, commanding officer of the Canadian garrison of the 501st Legion said, “Our primary charity we support is Make-a-Wish Canada, but we also

two people, one in a stormtroopers uniform stand together in front of a backdrop

Jim and Shannon Sobota, members of the 501st Legion. Photo by Matthew Barker

support McMaster Children’s Hospital, Ronald McDonald House in Hamilton, and in Toronto, Sick Kids.”

For more information on either of these groups please go to:

Ontario Ghostbusters


The 501st Legion, Canadian garrison

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