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Photo: Haunted Hamilton

Photo: @HauntedHamilton

Haunted Hamilton, a local paranormal group, held an open and interactive paranormal investigation on Saturday night (Dec. 3) at the Cannon Knitting Mills on Mary Street in downtown Hamilton.

The Cannon Knitting Mills consists of seven buildings that were originally built for making stoves, and then later turned into a knitting mill. The buildings date back to the 1830s and will soon be renovated into condos as well as a small hotel.

This is the reason why the Haunted Hamilton team wanted to get in there and investigate – they wanted to be in there while the building was still in its original form.

The investigation ran from 8-11 p.m. and was “lights out,” which is a style of paranormal investigation that is limited to a small group of investigators where there are no lights on in the building. Investigators were able to bring flashlights but that was the only lighting they had.

The Haunted Hamilton team walked everyone through the first and second levels of the building, telling them about their personal experiences and letting them know where the paranormal “hot-spots” were. They were also using devices such as the ghost meter, which allows a spirit to answer questions by using its energy to move the dial to ‘yes’ or ‘no.’

One of the investigators on the tour, who chose to remain anonymous, said that the last time he was at the Cannon Knitting Mills he dealt with something negative and oppressive on the second floor.

Hamilton's First Foundry in the city

Cannon Knitting Mills / Photo: Michael W. Hrysko

“I had a shadow figure come right at me and I hope that doesn’t happen again,” he said.

Throughout the night, many of the investigators reported experiences such as a door slamming on them numerous times and two women who claimed to have a bad pain in their right shoulder when they were in a certain spot in the building. One of the Haunted Hamilton crew members also said that he had a piece of wood thrown at him.

The investigation concluded in a small room with an attached bathroom. “Spooky” Stephanie Lechniak, founder of Haunted Hamilton, and other members of the crew say they felt a very dark, female energy in the room.

“There is a girl standing in this bathroom, facing the wall away from us,” said Lechniak. “Something horrible happened in here.”

After the investigation ended, the crew and investigators gathered in the front entrance of the building to discuss their experiences and bring their energies back to a positive space. In order to do this, Lechniak had everyone close their eyes and imagine a bright, white ball of light above their heads that created a bubble around them as protection. She also asked that everyone thank the spirits as they left the building.

Haunted Hamilton has a slew of events planned for the New Year including a bus trip to investigate Rolling Hills Asylum in New York and an overnight stay in a haunted prison in Ottawa. They will also be continuing their local ghost walks of Hamilton and Niagara-on-the-Lake.

For more information or to buy tickets to their upcoming events, visit the Haunted Hamilton website at

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