There’s a production

When she was just 8 Hamilton native Theresa Noon-Hunter was bitten by a theatre bug and has been hooked ever since.

Noon-Hunter said, “I never cared about anything career-wise other than being an actor, or director.”

Noon-Hunter’s headshot. Photo: Cynthia Phillip

After high school, Noon-Hunter went to York University to attend theatre school. Although she didn’t feel like she needed post-secondary for her career, while attending she learned different ways to hone her craft. Noon-Hunter was in two feature films while still in school, so by the time of her graduation she was already pounding the pavement.

“I went out and I got an agent, and I just started working commercially,” Noon-Hunter said. “So I was working for other people doing their musicals, their plays, their films, commercials, television shows.”

After working for other people, in 2012 Noon-Hunter launched her own theatre company, There’s A Production. The company’s mandate is to do original Canadian material, with some exceptions.

The first production that was put on by the company was An Evening of Canadian Music and Theatre, which was a play about Canadian theatre written by Canadian playwright Allison McWood. Since then the company has done many other productions including Book Club, ten different murder-mysteries, and Noon-Hunter is currently working on a documentary called And I Survived.

“I’ve been working on it for the past two years,” Noon-Hunter said. “It’s about women who have survived abuse, and I’ve interviewed 18 survivors and 10 professionals for the film. I’m extremely proud of it. It’s in editing right now.”

In addition to the documentary, Noon-Hunter is putting on a production in Kitchener during the week of March 5.

“I’m doing Golden is the New Orange in Kitchener, which is a murder-mystery,” Noon-Hunter said. “It’s Golden Girls mashed with Orange Is The New Black. That one is a really big show for me because I play four characters in it, so I’m four characters plus the director, plus the producer, plus the marketing, costuming, props, etc.”

Although Noon-Hunter’s job may be busy, the hustle and bustle doesn’t bother her.

“It’s the best job in the whole world,” Noon-Hunter said. “I get to wake up every morning and do what I love. I don’t dread going to work, that’s all I want to do.”


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