UFC 205: Review

After ten years the UFC finally made its return to New York for a pay-per-view at Madison Square Garden. With a stacked main card for UFC 205 fans expected the best out of all the fighters. With elements of shock, controversy and surprise UFC 205 was one wild show.

With an attendance of 20,427 fans which set the record for the highest number of fans for a domestic event, and a whopping $17,700,000 at the gate which broke the UFC 129 record for a mixed martial arts event and also the venue record, the UFC could not be more pleased with the outcome of returning the octagon to New York.

Main Card Breakdown:


Women’s Bantamweight Bout: Miesha Tate vs Raquel Pennington

Winner: Raquel Pennington via decision


The first fight of the main card for UFC 205 was a women’s Bantamweight fight between the teacher (Miesha Tate) and her student (Raquel Pennington). Surprisingly in this scenario, the student defeated the teacher. Throughout the fight, Pennington threw multiple steady and stiff strikes to Tate and was able to frustrate Tate by being quick and almost untouchable. After the fight was over and Pennington won in all three rounds, Tate asked for a moment on the mic and she promptly announced her retirement. She pointed to the amount of punishment and sacrifice that she had taken not only in this fight but throughout her career as reasons for her decision.

Middleweight bout: Chris Weidman vs Yoel Romero

Winner: Yoel Romero via KO

Looking to avenge his previous defeat, Chris Weidman took on Yoel Romero only to face the outcome of an even more devastating defeat. With incredible speed, accuracy, durability and power from Romero, Weidman could not keep up nor could he handle the pressure coming back from his previous loss. As the third round began it was time for the fight to be over. As Weidman walked around gassed and helpless, Romero found the perfect opportunity to throw a successful flying knee which stunned Weidman to the ground, and from there Romero was able to rain down multiple heavy punches, just waiting for the referee to take action and stop the fight. With Romero winning the fight with style, he is now eligible for a title shot against UFC Middleweight champion Michael Bisping.

Women’s Strawweight Championship bout: Joanna Jedrzekczyk vs Karolina Kowalkiewicz

Winner: Joanna Jedrzekczyk via decision

Two of the most talented female Polish fighters in MMA went head to head in a scenario of idol (Joanna Jedrzejczyk) vs fan (Karolina Kowalkiewicz). The two fighters went a total of five hard-fought rounds mainly in the standing position where both fighters struck each other with fast and powerful punches doing plenty of damage, but Jedrzejczky had the faster hands, which helped by tripling the number of significant strikes thrown, which were 171 strikes for Jedrzejczyk and only 51 thrown by Kowalkiewicz. Jedrzejczyk was busted up more than ever, but ended up retaining her title by unanimous decision.

Welterweight Championship Bout: Tyron Woodley vs Stephen Thompson

Winner: Tyron Woodley via majority draw

Tyron Woodley faced Stephen Thompson inside the Octagon ready to show fans what he really is made of. With a mix of heavy strikes and technical grappling between the two fighters, along with the blood and sweat that both fighters shed, fans could see how much each man wanted victory. With Woodley dominating Thompson in the first and fourth round and Thompson dominating Woodley in the second and third round it was all up to the fifth round to decide who would win. Both fighters were gassed, but put every amount of energy they had into every punch and kick that they threw at each other. It was an almost devastating end for Thompson as Woodley connected with a monstrous punch. Finally, round five was over and everyone was sitting in anticipation of Bruce Buffer reading the results. With the final decision being (47,47) (47,47) and (48,47) Woodley retained his title by winning by one point in a split-decision outcome. As Joe Rogan was interviewing Woodley about his victory, Buffer interrupted saying that he had made a mistake. As Woodley looked confused and shaken the two fighters stood side by side as the referee held their arms and Buffer announced that, due to all the judges score cards being the same except for one, the bout was going to end up in a majority draw, still leaving Woodley as the champ.

Lightweight Championship Bout: Eddie Alvarez vs Conor McGregor

Winner: McgGregor via KO

The final fight of the night was one of the most anticipated. Fans were split on who would win the fight and become the first person in the UFC to hold championship belts for two different divisions. Within the first round of the fight, Conor McGregor dropped Eddie Alvarez three times with stiff left hands and nasty combinations. It was surprising that Alvarez made it out of the first round still standing. As the second round began and Alvarez was still gassed from the first round, McGregor saw a perfect opportunity to end the fight. In three minutes of complete domination of Alvarez, McGregor finally put Alvarez to sleep by raining down quick and heavy punches. A cocky McGregor walked around in victory.

As UFC 205 in MSG is over, the UFC plans to come back with an even more amazing fight card. The UFC will be looking forward to returning to Toronto for UFC 206.

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