Victoria Day at a winery

What better way to spend the Victoria Day long weekend than enjoying the sunshine with family and friends? That is what many people in the Stoney Creek area chose to do at Puddicombe Estates and Winery. Despite the holiday, the Farm’s gates were open as they welcomed families from all over the area to indulge in the winery, bake shop, market, train rides and guided tours of the beautiful 110-acre estate. Though not everyone was able to enjoy the sunshine to the same extent.  Employees Rachael Neumayer and sister Grace Neumayer are both veterans of working on stat holidays such as Victoria Day.

Rachael Neumayer at the Puddicombe Estates Winery

Rachael Neumayer at the Puddicombe Estates Winery

Rachael explained that while the long weekend produces more American customers, (due to the farm’s proximity to the border); the general volume of visitors tends to stay relatively the same. She noted that the seasonal dependency of many of the farm’s attractions (such as pick-your-own-fruit), tends to produce more customers on long weekends later in the summer. She explained that the variety of jobs keeps the job interesting and fun on the long weekends, “I work in the kitchen preparing food for the bakery, do tastings at the bar, work on the winery and country store tills and during fruit season sometimes I’m out in the orchards supervising pick your own. It’s nice not having to do the exact same thing every day and getting some variety.”  Thanks to the extra pay, Rachael does not mind working on the long weekend “I don’t love working Thanksgiving or Christmas Eve because I don’t like missing out on extended family gatherings, but Victoria Day I don’t mind.”

Grace Neumayer works on the farm as a customer service representative and fruit supervisor. She agreed that working on a weekend is worth it due to the time-and-a-half pay. Grace enjoys her job, explaining the best part of working at Puddicombe Estates and Winery as “working with the people I work with! Even if they aren’t the best jobs like cleaning, if you have your friends to do it with it is always more fun.” She explained that working on the long weekend is more enjoyable in the spring because it is less busy and customers tend to be more laid-back and relaxed. It is family-friendly places like Puddicombe Estates and Winery that make long weekends memorable.

by Hannah Jackson

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