Video game website Gametrailers closes after 13 years

GameTrailers has been a mainstay in the video game community for over 13 years. It provided fans with trailers, reviews, and the popular GT Countdown series, which has been around since the site’s conception. But on the night of February 8th, 2016, the doors closed and the servers shut down as GameTrailers ended its final day.

“Today is the last day of GameTrailers,” said founder and editor-in-chief Brandon Jones. “I wish it wasn’t so. I love all of our fans like family. Thank you for letting me do this job.”

The staff of GameTrailers hosted one last stream on their Twitch channel before the official shutdown of the website. The stream had thousands of viewers before going off the air.

During the stream Jones and the rest of the staff revealed that the decision to shut down the website wasn’t made by them or even revealed to them until that morning.

GameTrailers was founded in 2002 and by the mid-2000’s was the place to go for game trailers, gameplay videos and original content. But since the rise of YouTube, most companies now release their trailers and gameplay footage directly through the video-sharing site.

In 2014 Defy Media purchased GameTrailers and swiftly downsized, cutting several jobs. As of this writing, the company has yet to comment on the decision to shut down GameTrailers.

Since the announcement, an outpouring of support and condolences has flooded onto Twitter and Facebook.

The website left its last official statement on its Facebook page.

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