Was that a Canadian tuxedo?

Oh yes it was!

Toronto Fashion Week started on Monday and it was fabulous. Day one was filled with meet and greets and exciting runway shows for the public. One show that had people shoving for a front row seat was Triarchy Denim.

Triarchy is a denim company based out of Toronto and L.A. created by brother and sister duo Adam and Ania Taubenfligel. They are changing the way denim is manufactured by cutting out the water.

Last outfit walked by Ania Taubenfligel, later joined by her brother Adam.

Its website states, “Our mission is a simple one: to reduce the massive unnecessary water consumption of our planet’s most beloved material, denim.” How does that work? Triarchy uses a recycled water treatment system. In the end, this method saves roughly 1,400 gallons of water per pair of jeans.

“The fashion industry takes a huge toll on our environment, and I find that not many people are aware of this,” said Regan Katerenchuk, a social media specialist for Boiga London. “I think it’s awesome that a company such as this one is using technology to help our environment while raising awareness about the environmental impact of fashion manufacturing.” Not many people think of water as one of the biggest uses in the manufacturing of clothes, especially denim.

Triarchy doesn’t just make traditional jeans using this method. It thinks outside the box.

Toronto Fashion Week tweeted on Monday “This season @triarchydenim is all about fringe, sequins and bleached garments. The label is committed to reducing water consumption in denim production.”

Both male and female models walked the runway wearing all sorts of denim. High rise skinny jeans – some with fringe and sequins, some without – skirts, shirts, jackets and of course our favourite, the Canadian tuxedo: jeans with a denim jacket.

The audience had their phones ready to capture all the action. With all the fringe and glitter though, who could pick a favourite piece?

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